Fixing SCRUM part 1: What is bad about it

Most “modern” companies implemented a new way of working called SCRUM.

If you don’t know it, SCRUM is a workflow guide to try help your organization deliver more with less.

The core of SCRUM is to reduce shipping from months to a 2 week, you deliver every few weeks. ALWAYS.

But what a release means? And why is this better than a 6 month plan?


The positive point about this methodlogy is to shorten the time between the decision making, every time you deliver you need FEEDBACK. This feedback must come from real customers, in other words it must me analytics.

If we release and increase our money cash flow in a 15% we are doing good, otherwise we must swift.

Of course, not every business model works with this mindset. If you can’t have instant feedback from your customers spending more or less $ on your app, I have bad news, SCRUM is not for you.

You’re doing WATERFALL, yes, you are.


You could do every RETRO meeting, every DAILY meeting but you’re doing WATERFALL.

You don’t change your path every 2 weeks based on data? You’re doing WATERFALL.

I know it hurts, but better sooner than later.


If you really never though SCRUM was something good is because you never really applied the true core of it.

I don’t know why so many corporations recruiter a bunch of guys to complicate with more meetings the already annoying waterfall approach. You are lying to your staff.

Try to change this mindset, try to size every change you do and make decision over this data, then remove all the BS meetings.

Call out SCRUM masters, they just want to make everything more complicated to some job to do.

Then, after some time you will may continue hating SCRUM but it will bring you results. And we all love results.

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