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What can you learn from a $1.56 billion mobile gaming company as a maker?

Supercell is a $1.56 billion Finnish mobile gaming company, you probably know some of their famous games: Hay Day, Clash Royale or Clash of Clans.

This year Supercell celebrates their 10th anniversary so here are 10 tips from them that you can apply on your side projects. If you are a solo maker you can apply them too!

1. Always long term

Focus on long term retention. If a game is great but people would not play it for years, kill the game and start working on another.

Solve problems thinking in long term impact rather than seeking short term impact.

2. Great teams

Don’t make big teams, they don’t work well. It’s hard to create teams, even it’s hard to find 2 people who work extremely well together.

If you don’t have a solid core team, don’t add new people to the team.

3. Hire slowly

If you’re going to hire someone, try to imagine the average quality level of the people at your company.

Only hire that person if he/she would increase that average. Set the quality bar as high as you can.

4. Stay as small as possible

Small teams focus on what really matters. Big teams often do work that only looks useful.

Don’t focus on fancy tools or tech if you don’t have a killer game this is a waste of time.

5. Culture is defined by actions not by fancy slogans

Culture is defined by the hardest decisions like: killing games, saying “no” or making changes to the team.

Team leads have many times given up their position to someone who they think is better suited for it.

6. Let teams make decisions

Teams must be able to make decisions on their own without seeking approval from others. Execution will be faster and happier.

They’re the ones who are closest to the problems and deal with them every day, not a random manager. Remove bureaucracies.

7. Don’t let fear of failure guide what you do

No one knows anything! Players are changing, the projects are changing, we are changing. Life is like a constant moving target. Failures are learnings.

8. Don’t create nonsense processes and rules

Applying one rule to all games don’t make sense. Some games needed six weeks to get to a playable and others needed six months.

9. Traditional goal settings doesn’t work in a culture of independence

Don’t waste time on meetings to set fancy company goals, nobody will remember what the goals are. Keep simple clear goals.

10. Work

Be in the correct mood and create.

Supercell keeps making millions every year from their mobile games thanks to its good way of working.


Game ↔️ Your project

Players ↔️ Your audience

Company ↔️ Yourself or your small team

Meetings ↔️ Your clear goals

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