How Replying on Twitter Can Help Increase Your Engagement

Today I’m sharing some stats about some experiments that increase my Twitter follow count.

I ended up with +50% more followers with:

  • 20 minutes of daily work.
  • 3 weeks.

So here are the actions (and failures) I did. I call it “net fishing” 🎣 👇

1/ Net fishing is all about:

  • Keeping your feed clean.
  • Focus on accounts with the same followers you want.

I’ll explain later why get rid of everyone that is not talking about similar topics you write.

2/ Now let’s say you have 200 followers and you create an excellent tweet.

You’ll get around +200 impressions, some more if you get a retweet.

3/ Imagine your tweet has 20% of engagement.

That’s 40 people that already follow you interacting with your tweet.

So this translates to few new followers.

4/ A big account retweeting you is a good miracle.

But miracles are rare. We can’t wait to be lucky.

So let’s take action.

5/ I unfollowed accounts that don’t belong to my target audience.

Keeping my feed clean is key to interacting with people that have the same followers as you want.

This might seem unnecessary, but it makes a difference when you want to invest time on Twitter instead of wasting it.

6/ Start following the big ones.

You will need to find big accounts that have a message similar to yours.

Later we will catch those juicy followers that are consuming the content you produce.

7/ Here is the best part.

I lost my fear of interacting with people with lots of followers.

But I learned to interact only if I have something to say to add value.

If you don’t add up you will get 0 engagements.

8/ Here’s an example from a reply to @GoodMarketingHQ:

  • +4.4k impressions
  • 1.8% engagement

That’s around 80 people that don’t know me and now they have a chance to do so.

9/ He answered with a funny gif and that probably increased my reply impressions.

Humor and catchy words drag people to you. Be creative.

10/ The important thing here is that they are not part of my followers.

So you can bring new ones to your side.

“Net fishing” is acting here.

11/ Here’s another example from a reply to @MengTo:

  • +2.5k impressions
  • 1.4% engagement

He answered mentioning the creator of the resources he was using.

That brought more attention to my reply too.

12/ I’m polishing techniques to stop using Twitter as a consumer and become a producer.

This thread is an extract of the ebook “3 Techniques to Rocket Launch your Twitter Account”.

If you don’t want to miss how it’s evolving I’m updating this thread, you’re free to follow me on Twitter.

📚 The pre-order starts today! 👇


13/ That’s it for today!

This is my first thread, I think sharing my experience could be useful for someone that wants to increase the magic number.

14/ Bonus!

Through my journey, I discovered some hide gems with less than 1k followers worth to follow on Twitter.


If this helps you out, please spread the love to the Twitter thread.

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