A mix between a design, business and analytics.

After graduating in videogames design from university in Barcelona, I discovered my passion making wireframes in Figma and learning CSS and HTML.

I really hate biased decisions, that’s why I enjoy so much doing massive test A/B and learning what works and what doesn’t.

Making that button pop, shiny and bigger is not always the solution, maybe you have to completely remove it to achieve better retention.

As I know some code, I put a special effort designing user flows easy to implement, so developers and designers live in harmony.

You can design two types of UI, one with fancy stuff hard to develop and another one more minimalistic and clear, easy to develop and scalable. I’m on the second type team.

My work:

The first platform to share and find Twitter threads. I made the design and implemented it with CSS and HTML.

SaaS to send a job offer everywhere in 2 minutes. I made the design and implemented it with CSS and HTML.

A website built on WordPress, from design to implementation.

A Telegram bot that asks you questions about your favourite sport. I designed the user flow and menus, also I take care about the analytics we need in the future to increase user retention or revenue.

I was designing UX/UI for the in-game shop, we increased revenues x4 with this new feature!

  • Drink It All

Android and iOS app. A casual drinking game that will allow you to share your best jokes and challenges with all your friends.

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