My easy-to-follow recipe to boost title open rates

Teodora and I review all our posts and provide mutual feedback. Harsh feedback.

Usually, since I have more experience, Teodora titles radically change from the original idea.

When she wrote an article about Twitter, the original headline was “The Net Finish Twitter technique”. After some iteration we came up with the final one: How I have been using Twitter’s Net Fishing new technique to sky rocket my engagement.

Let’s dive into some steps to improve your titles. How about starting to apply them today?

Lose the fear to long titles

When someone reads your headline, you got one bullet and that’s it. If you can fit all the information into a few characters, that’s a real superpower.

Most of the time you won’t come up with a good idea, so having a long title that really hooks the reader is not so bad. Obviously, a very long title could be a bad idea, but remember that most readers are a bit lazy.

My personal approach is to stick to just one sentence.

Always, ALWAYS add value

You should skip informative titles like “My new Twitter technique”. Even if there is nothing wrong with it, this title is not a good idea as it doesn’t add any real value.

By adding the second part “sky rocket my engagement”, you are explaining why is worth a click.

To add value, you can simply explain what the reader will improve or learn after reading it.

Use your highlights

Usually I come up with an article idea, then the title is just the explanation of that idea. After I finish writing it, I often have fresh ideas to use as part of my title.

After some writing, creating good headlines will be way easier.


If you can’t find the perfect fit, you can create a list of titles and then delete the worst ones and keep doing it until you find what you’re looking for.

Plus, doing this iteration over and over again will tune your creativity muscles and improve the quality of headline generation in the long run.

You can exaggerate but never lie

When we say “sky rocket” we are only making a bombastic statement, however it is not a lie, if you read the article and apply the technique you will get results.

So, why you should not lie? If people clicks the title but the content is bullshit you won’t get any benefit from it. An angry reader is worse than no reader at all. That’s because people just give us one chance, if you miss the shot, they will never come back.

Furthermore, they could share your content as fraudulent, damaging your reputation.

Read tons of titles

Sometimes the only way to improve is to read lots of titles yourself. Go to a popular site like Medium or Reddit and start reading those juicy headlines.

Try to find out why some of them work and others just vanish into the air.

Make it personal

Use your own names as the term “net fishing”. You will create a brand around yourself, people like charismatic individuals.

Another tip is to use less common words or expressions, this will enhance the uniqueness of your title and give it personality.

As an example, we use “sky rocket” instead of “increase”. You can even visualize a SpaceX rocket flying through the sky.


To achieve a better quality, a simple rule to follow is to create a title that can be easy to visualize, try to avoid academic terms such as Click Through Rate (CTR) instead you could use Open Rate as is easier to create a mental pick.

This particular title

The original title of this article was “Simple Rules to Improve Your Article Titles.” As you can see here, I apply my own rules when developing titles.

This was just the description of the original idea, now I will iterate it a bit after finishing the article using the content as a source of ideas.

A real process of how I create a title

I documented the process of creating this title in real time, it took me SEVEN steps to find it. You can access it by sharing this content using the button below, this means a lot since it helps us to continue creating content like this. Thank you!


If you liked the tips, I ask you to give us any comments or ideas to help us improve. Also, I will publish more articles like this, so if you don’t want to miss any of them, you can subscribe to our newsletter.

I am looking forward to reading your boosted titles.

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