Where should I start?

I first studied finance and accounting, but then I discovered programming and now I have 6 years of experience.

I like programming but my passion is to create teams and make them work at cruising speed to release quality products.

From my financial education, I liked design monetization and scalable configurable systems (Fact: We implemented a store event system that multiplied revenues x4).

Some of my projects:

A mobile game for Android and iOS created with Unity3D and PlayFab (Microsoft’s Cloud as a Service).

The project was half way complete with a messy code base, poor testing, and no proper CI.

We added tons of testing, a decent CI pipeline. We got more people for our teams, as testers, who helped us with a well-designed go-to-production strategy.

We use some AWS services like DynamoDb and lambda. Dealing with a big, old fashioned customer.

Another mobile game for Android and iOS using Unity3D and PlayFab.

From zero to production leading the team.

Remote configuration for each monetization and balance formula.

A Telegram bot that allows you to play quizzes with other users around a certain topic.

Java Spring Boot 2 + MySql monolith.

  • Currently working full time at Ohpen

Building a core banking API in the cloud using Dotnet Core and AWS.

What can I say? I like to try languages and technology stacks.

Other curious things:

I used to teach programming to 12-14 year olds, it took some patience. (Hint: If you learn a language called Fortnite, you got them)

Also, I am an ITF Taekwondo black belt.

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