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How to make your profile picture stand out on social media for free

Every day you see hundreds of profile pictures and you may have noticed that some stand out more than others. You may have even clicked on an profile picture that caught your attention and found a very interesting profile, either on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook…

In a millisecond you judge that profile picture and decide if it’s trustworthy, or not.

Everyone wants a cool engaging profile picture that stands out, but not everyone has the skills to create it.

So how can you make a profile picture in a quick and easy way, even if you aren’t an artistic person?

Just by using RemoveBg and Figma! (and for free)

1. Take a picture of yourself

Take a picture of yourself showing your face and if it’s possible with some personal touch:

  • A nice pose or face.
  • Wearing an appareal accessory.
  • A smiling face triggers more engagement.

My personal touch are sunglasses, I wear them a lot.

Showing your face conveys trust, humans feel more confident when they see there is a human being you can interact with behind a social media profile.

Take a picture.

2. Remove the background

Remove the background of your picture using RemoveBg, it’s easy and free!

Removing the background will allow you to replace it with a simpler one, making your face the main focus.

Remove background.

3. Create a blank canvas on Figma

Go to Figma and create an account for free (if you don’t have one yet). Don’t be afraid to use Figma, isn’t only for designers, everybody can use it.

  • Create a 1000 x 1000px square blank canvas on Figma.
  • Automatically you will see a layer created, named “Frame 1”.

Follow the steps in the image below.

3 - profile picture stand out figma - monthly start
Create blank canvas on Figma.

4. Drag & drop your picture

  • Drag and drop your image inside Figma.
  • Frame your picture inside the blank canvas.
  • Make sure to resize it so your face is not too far, not too close.

Follow the steps in the image below.

4 - profile picture stand out figma resize - monthly start
Drag & drop your picture inside Figma.

5. Make your custom background

Use a simple background.

  • Select the layer “Frame 1” and change the background on the “Fill” section.

You can play around with gradients or flat colors, here are some tips:

  • Gradients are not widely used, using them can make you stand out more.
  • Warm colors perform better because the main color of most social networks is blue (a cool color)
  • Use your brand color.

Check out this study I made about Twitter and profile colors and get some inspiration.

Follow the steps in the image below.

5 - profile picture stand out figma background - monthly start
Make your custom background.
6 - profile picture stand out figma background gradients - monthly start
Different backgrounds.

6. Export your profile picture

  • Select the picture you want.
  • Export it in .PNG or .JPG format.

Follow the steps in the image below.

7 - profile picture stand out figma export - monthly start
Export your picture.

7. Now you have your profile picture

Now you have a ready to go profile picture and you can use it in the social media of your choice!

I recommend using the same image picture on all your social media profiles, this makes it easier for people to recognize and connect with you in different social media.

This is how the profile picture I created looks on different Twitter themes, you can see that warm colors contrasts perfectly.

8 - profile picture stand out Twitter - monthly start
Your profile picture on different Twitter themes.

Thanks for reading!

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