How signing up to your local gym improves your professional skills

When you join a office full time job, we use to make a crucial mistake, we tend to reduce our social interaction in three different boxes:

  • Friends.
  • Family.
  • Coworkers.

You may think: “So what? How this could affect my professional career? Are you going to talk about love and friendship solving everything?”

Not by a long shot, this is another lesson. Let me put it simple, in Spanish there’s this nice quote:

Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.

So, if you are surrounded by lazy people, little by little you will become lazier. But, what if you are around hard working ones and you try to keep them close to you? Sure, they will influence you day by day.

Remember that guy at your job that invest in every Cryptocurrency? If you keep him close, he will show you every new headline about cryptocurrencies.

Knowing your neighbour

As long as keeping good people can be beneficial for you it is also dangerous strategy, if we keep just “filtered” people around we will eventually get out of touch. A guy that doesn’t share any interest with you could be your next customer, or maybe in the future you will need to close a deal with him.

Opening our social box is harder nowadays with social media. We live in social bubbles. Social media increase that bubble size further and further. You follow people that you like, and people follow you for the same reason.

So, let’s be honest here. When was the last time you followed someone that doesn’t talk you code? Moreover, when was the last time you followed someone you disagreed with?

Our brains don’t like effort, they are designed to waste little power. Social interaction could be tiresome, so our brain selects the easiest path, in this case our mind forces us to with people similar to us.

Now, if you think about it, this will harm you in the long run. Whenever you want to talk someone outside your “team” you will be lost in translation.

Going to the gym is a solution

That’s why I recently joined my local martial arts gym. If you wonder, here is my new schedule:

I know you already know the health boost that exercise can bring to your life. However, this is not about exercising, it is about meeting people outside of your bubble, true strangers to your tastes.

You’ll be talking to people who have totally different levels of education, even big jumps in salary income. You can find family people, shy ones, slow students, and even sharp minds.

Everyone has his own rhythm, everyone has their favorite song.

Extracting the true personality

Local gyms allow you to meet people in a “stress” situation in which the true personality appears. This is where you study, this is where you learn. Focus on people, on the type of reactions they have, learn to respect them and respect their points of view.

If you do, your creativity will be boosted and you can begin to solve other people’s problems. Solving problems is the ultimate goal of the creators, if you dedicate enough time you will become proficient at it and your next side project will benefit from that, plus your own decisions will include many new experiences raising your chances to success.

The final lesson here is to learn from others, even if you think they have little to teach you. Humans often stop to listen when filled with knowledge. Start listening and you will learn, if you ALWAYS try to lead you will never follow and little by little your point of view will blur.

Lead and follow can be exchanged

Remember, if you want people to like you or deal with you, you need to understand their point of view, forgetting the customer’s perspective is a fatal mistake that most people tend to make in their personal or professional life.

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