How to play CashOut Games? Rules and instrucctions

CashOut Games is a Trivia Game for messaging apps you can play free on Telegram with your friends. There are different topics available to challenge your knowledge and +1000 assorted questions.

Every day at the same hour, a new Quiz will start. You will have only one chance to answer it right. So choose the topic you have more expertise in and compete with the other participants to lead the ranking!

Learn new things and have fun! The more knowledge you have on a topic, the more opportunities you will have to earn real money.

How to play? 🔎

1. One Quiz available per day 🧠

This is the main feature that defines CashOut Games, each day you will have available at the same hour one Quiz to answer. In fact, you can hang out with your friends 😎 to answer the Quiz and have a better chance of winning.

2. One correct answer ✅

Every question has only one correct answer ✅ and you have only one chance to answer it right. If you fail, the Quiz will end for you and you will have to wait until the Quiz finished and you will see your score.

There are 5 questions in each Quiz, you have to choose the right answer from the four options each question has.

3. No worries if you fail a question 🤔

If you miss a question, don’t worry! You can use a wildcard 🃏 to continue answering the Quiz.

4. Limited time to answer ⏱️

There is a limited time 🕒 to answer for each question. If you run out of time click the button [🚀 Skip question 🚀].

5. Answer fast ⚡

ATTENTION ⚠️ If you answer fast, you will obtain a better score. You have 15 seconds to answer each question.

How to communicate with CashOut Telegram Bot? 🤖

1. Using menu keyboard buttons ⌨️

The menu buttons is the way you can send commands to the bot to enjoy all the features and play. In other words, it works like a conventional menu of any mobile app.

You can click in the icon on your keyboard to show the current active menu.

2. Using on-screen buttons in chat 📱

While playing CashOut Games, sometimes will appear on-screen buttons inside the chat to do a certain action. You are able to interact with these buttons too.

You can use the button inside the chat to send commands to the Bot.

All you can find in CashOut Games 🎮

In this section we are going deeper on CashOut features. In other words, we are going to write a little tour through all that features you can find inside the main menu and explain how each one works.

CashOut Games keyboard menu.

Daily Quiz 🎯

Every day at the same hour a new different Quiz will start, everyone must connect at the same time in order to play, so you can meet your friends and answer questions together. We will send you a notification minutes before the quiz starts to remind you when the Quiz starts, so don’t miss it!

Daily Quiz button.

Solo Quiz ⏳

If you prefer to answer the Quiz at any time, you are lucky! The Solo Quiz is perfect for you. Every day a new Quiz is available and you have 24h to play it.

Solo Quiz button.

Balance 💸

Check your balance at any time. In this section you will find how many diamonds you have and your total money earned. Plus, relevant information about how to get the money into your bank account.

My Balance button.

Shop 🛒

At the CashOut Games shop, you will find a assorted selection of different packs containing diamonds 💎. We offer you different quantities of diamonds that you can use to boost yourself while you are answering the Quizzes. If you fail a question, you will be able to use a wildcard 🃏.

Besides, there are continuous special offers that last 24h at the shop.

Shop button.

Community 💬

In this section you can join the CashOut Telegram community to chat with other players and share your opinions or suggestions. There are very cool people inside!

Community button.

Info 🆘

Find a little help about how to play and refresh how CashOut Games works.

Please, if you have any problem, want to say something or propose new CashOut Games topics, contact us! 🚀

Join our community 💬 to chat with other players online.

Info button.

Invite a friend and earn money 😎

You can invite your friends to play CashOut Games with you. For each friend who start playing CashOut Games thanks to your invitation, you will receive an amount of real money.

Inivite a friend and earn money button.

Ranking 🏆

We show you your current ranking position and your total money earned. If you can see how other players are performing, you can see top 5, top 15, top 30 and much more positions.

Ranking button.

Thank you for reading! 😊

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