22 learnings from a 22 years old girl building a business

Recently I turned 22! 🥳

And here are my 22 learnings and achievements from this year that made me grow A LOT.

1. First dollar from the internet

Made my first dollar from the Internet. I encourage everybody to do it, it’s a mindset change!

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2. Become a maker

Nowadays you can work for yourself, so why working for companies? The future is made of all types of makers.

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3. Life goals

Set long term goals. Where want you to be in 5 years? Act today to achieve it.

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4. How much are you worth it?

You are more worth than your payslip. Go search better opportunities.

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5. Laziness is your enemy

Don’t procrastinate. As Picasso said: “When inspiration comes, better finds you working.”

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6. Self-confidence is powerful

Measures your daily progress, that boosts your self-confidence. Take notes of what you have done every day.

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7. Partners for life

The best financial decisions are made with your partner. Some important expenses are not that important.

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8. Search and learn

If you want to do something and don’t know how, just learn how to do it. Start by doing little projects with easy goals.

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9. Two types of people on social media

Use social media smart, don’t be just a simple consumer and start becoming a creator.

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10. Earn money, buy income

Save money and money will save you. Money gives us the security to achieve our goals. So earn money, buy income.

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11. Network is a chance for opportunities

As Kanye West says: “Contacts are a better currency than money”. Network gives you many opportunities, don’t be shy and start talking.

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12. Habits are all

Improve yourself every 6 months. If you think you’re still the same from 6 months ago, you need to change some habits.

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13. Listen

Surround yourself with people better than you. You can learn from what you listen to and from your mistakes.

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14. There is more than one path

If you choose the same path all people choose, you will end up at the same spot.

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15. Everyone is different

Compare you with your past self, stop comparing with others. Learn everyday something new, no matter how small or big.

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16. Timeboxing

Put deadlines to your own tasks. For my time management I use timeboxing. Helps me stay focused and get my work done.

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17. A student for life

You never have to stop studying. If you stop, search for something new to learn.

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18. Coding is a superpower

Better know how to code, is like a super power! You will understand much better how thighs work and which constrains you may have.

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19. Write

Everybody can write a blog, a book or a course. Just start doing it today about something you are really passionate about.

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20. Graduation cap

I graduated from college.

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21. Every year a new list

Create a list like this every year about your learnings. This will help you look back and keep a track of your progress.

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22. Be worth it

Work hard and share it. Everyone loves others doing amazing stuff and people will try to contact you if you are competent enough.

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